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And miles to go before I sleep

What a crazy day! I haven't had a chance to stop anc catch my breath since 7 this morning. I had a lot of reading and general preparation for class this morning, spent a while getting accommodations for a quiz nailed down, went to philosophy, had lunch, took the quiz, went to my room to grab my walker, went down to Holy Writ Rewrit, managed to get through class even though I needed an ice pack or something to take the edge off the pain, got back up hear, emailed my professor the answers to a different quiz and now need to read for socialwork class tomorrow. I will make it, but I'm sitting here thinking that I need a break from balancing all of this. I guess it's been a crazy week and a half for everyone by the sounds of things. Hopefully we'll all manage things.

I'm trying to strike a balance of having fun and managing the pain. I'm not going to comment on that now, though, because I need to get Julio outside, then warm something up for dinner and read.

On the bright side, our philosophy professor had us do relaxation exercises in class. She said she could tell I've done them before and that I really did well with them. It did actually help bring the pain down for a few minutes.

I've also really enjoyed my classes and loved the beautiful weather. As stressed as I feel, and as much pain as I'm in, I'm really enjoying being back at school. I just need to find some more spoons.

Links to come soon, I swear!



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Sep. 15th, 2006 01:09 pm (UTC)
You mention in this entry about doing relaxation exercises in class. Could you describe some of those? If you read my blog, you'll understand why I'd like descriptions. Thanks!
Sep. 15th, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)
Re: relaxation
I'll post about theexericses some time this weekend. I'd post them now, but I need to run to philosophy, and I think it will be more than would make sense in a comment. Yeah, I can definitely see why this would be helpful for you.
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