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Personal update

I'm at Brewberry's, of course! It's the best place I know to write and get caught up, if only because my BrailleNote doesn't have as M distractions on it. But there's also a special atmosphere, it's relaxed and sparks my creativity. I guess I'll have to start from the beginning, because I don't know where else to start.

Wednesday night, ow didn't think I'd get to sleep. ow tried, then resorted to Ambien. I got up, mom and I got ready and we hit the road. First we grabbed the necessities (coffee and food). Mom got me to our friends' house and I chatted with them. They took me to acupuncture, where I relaxed and got treated. Then we grabbed more food and headed for physical therapy.

I can't remember if I wrote this or not, so please be patient with the possible repeat. I actually made progress from yellow bands (the easiest possible resistance), to red (the next easiest). We're trying to desensitize my foot as well.
Friday was spent at the mall with friends. We got me a new pair of shoes for showering. They're called Crocs, and while they are not comfortable, they are tolerable. That's pretty much all I can ask for, I think. We saw some fri as well. Then we got lunch from this fifties-style malt and burger place. The milk shake and burger were wonderful. I got two albums, one is Vevaldi's four seasons and the other is a two disk set of Chopin's nocturnes. Both of these are very good. After that, we grabbed drinks at Starbucks and headed home. I have a random question: Is Starbucks supposed to have an apostrophe? The trip to The Mall - great. Although I need a wheelchair for much of it, it was great fun.

Saturday was mostly spent packing and trying to figure out what I needed. That is not my favorite thing to do, I admit. Sunday's sermon was about how our pain and labors are not in vain.

Moving in was not fun. It's nearly impossible to keep my pain levels under control while moving. I'm moved now, though, so that's very good.

I do not like sharing a bathroom with multiple people. But the shower chair is helping immensely.

That's the basic information I haven't written about. I need more coffee, I didn'! sleep well enough last night, even though I did take one pain pill, I still woke up in a lot of pain. I walked over here, but I'm not quite sure how I got here since I never practiced how to get to the main street outside the north border of campus from my new dorm. I'm not sure coming over here was smart pain wise either. But I thought walking might loosen the muscles.

Okay, really, I'm going!

Tags: college, physical therapy, rsd sucks
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