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A couple cool resources

I've recently become aware of some new sites that might be helpful for people other than myself.
Dave Winer
wanted to be able to read news on his blackberry (a mobile device I don't understand completely). He found that a lot of blogs and news sites just don't translate well when read on a mobile device. He used RSS or OPML to create a few sites that are easier to read on a mobile device. It's interesting to me that a lot of the things that were hard for sighted people with mobile devices are hard with a screen reader or visual difficulty.

Anyway, there are two sites that might make your life easier:

They work wonderfully on my BrailleNote mPower, and equally well on my laptop. It's one more way to get your news.

I hated
NeW York Times
in my bloglines because it gave me a lot of entries. This is a great example of how going to the news worked better than having the news come to me. Hopefully these help someone else other than me.

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