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Today's stuff

As I mentioned in the links post, last night was not a good night. The pain was bad, mainly because my touch sensitivity was WAY up. This is not conducive to sleep. Usually, the LidoDerm patches help enough that I can try to block out the pain, but not last night. I am so tired...

Anyway, we went down for physical therapy this morning. Mom and I got breakfast too. I was really tired.

Physical therapy was good. She seemed pretty happy with how I'm doing with the exercises. As far as the band exercises go, she added two new ones, one diagonally up to the right and diagonally up and to the left. So, that added up means six band exercises.

The towel exercise, where I crunch the towel with my toes was worrying me because I can't seem to keep the towel in a straight line. She said not to worry, the goal is just to crunch the towel. My perfectionism is biting me in the butt again I guess.

She introduced a couple balance exercises today. One, which I'll do at home, involves standing (currently with two supports, on my left foot only for fifteen to thirty seconds. I can only use one finger on each support. I have to do five sets of this balance exercise. Then, she had me do one that I'll eventually do at home when I get better at the previous one. It's the same thing, just with a folded towel under my foot.

She also had me work with this weird thing, it had a cushion of air on the bottom and a board on top. I put my foot on the board (while seated), and made circles. That took some concentration, but I don't have to do it at home. Last, she had me ride the stationary recumbent bike for ten minutes. I was able to go faster today.

She did also work on the scar. I've noticed that the scar is slowly starting to feel somewhat better. In all, it looks like I might be making progress. She's been very encouraging and supportive throughout this. She is good about understanding when I say something is bad because of the RSD (i.e., I'm touch sensitive). It hasn't gotten too much in the way, and she doesn't draw attention to pain, which makes it easier for me not to feel hemmed in by it. Knowing that I'm making progress helps a lot!

We stopped by a mall to look for a couple books (which we needed to order), and I got a new usb host to client cable since mine shorted out.

I'm extremely tired and did succumb to a short nap. I hope I can sleep better tonight! Wishing those who need them pain-free days.


Tags: hope, physical therapy, rsd sucks, sleep

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