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I'm going to write about today's experience, but given that I didn't get to sleep until 3:30 last night/this morning, I decided to link you to some more coherent posts. Enjoy!

This isn't a post, but since I mentioned it last week, I thought people might be interested in this
information on biofeedback from the Mayo Clinic.

As I understand it, Internet Explorer will be a standard upgrade to Windows XP. Here's
a list of popular keyboard shortcuts for IE 7.

I've never thought of independence in quite this way before. But this blog post asserts that failure is just as important as success.
Watching A Consumer Fail.

Here's a blog post that helped me assimilate some ideas into my thinking. Sometimes, practices of faith are
Hard to swallow.

I randomly (I think), found this long article that basically says "if it's boring you, stop reading this." I don't recommend this practice at school, however, especially if it's required reading. Nevertheless, here are tips on
How to read.

I'm not on many blindness lists, but I'm sure the comments made on CNN last week are being discussed quite a bit. Here's
AFB's Response.

Here's a revview of bloggging platform features for several of the "major" services. I still love my LiveJournal, but it's interesting to hear a different perspective.
Review of blogging platforms for the non-geek.
Also, from a blindness perspective,
Anna Dresner
Blog On!
is an excellent book about blogging with a screen reader. I read it a while ago, but never got around to reviewing it.

That's pretty much all I'm going to link to. Hopefully, you found something you like.


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