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Thoughts on today's therapy.

The traffic was absolutely horrendous this morning, so we got there just in time. Since I played assertive girl and asked for the paperwork early so I would be able to fill it out at home, I didn't have a problem with being too late. I saww the therapist I worked with when I was there in October (or was it November?), but he wasn't working with me. It was nice to say hi, though.

I worked with a very nice lady, who'll be called M in this blog. She asked me some questions and took some notes. She likes the cane because it makes it easier for me when I need to put less weight on my foot. I try not to use it when I don't need it, but at least I have the tool.

M had me do several things so she could get a feel for where I'm at. We did the standard "push against my hand" stuff, which showed that my muscles are somewhat atrophied, but not as bad as they could be. Then she checked my range of motion. It's slightly less than my right foot, but not bad. She looked at my scars, and, as I have noticed, she said that the one over the top of my foot (the joint they fused), is doing nicely, but the one by the outside of my heel is hard/rigid. She explained how scar tissue lays down nnot in straight lines, and how it can actually expand into other tissues if left in tact. She also noted the swelling (which wasn't that bad).

She did some massage to try to break up the scar tissue and to try to move the fluid out of my foot. Then she helped me work with a stretchy band (I've seen these before), to strengthen my ankle. She showed me how to use my toes to scrunch up a towel to strengthen the bottom and arch of my foot. After that, I rode for 10 minutes on a recumbant bike. My right (good) leg was fine, my left leg wasn't so sure about all of the pedaling. I told it to shut up (smile).

I really liked working with M, and it's nice that she gives good feedback. I get creeped out if I can't tell if someone thinks I'm doing well or not.

We got coffee from Brewberry's, which was nice. I got to see one of my friends, which always leads to interesting conversation. Now, I'm tired. I have acupuncture later, then I'll need to do some exercises tonight. I hope I sleep well tonight.


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