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I'm back. My pain level is still less than normal for me. That's very awesome! What else? Lots of scanning being done on the parts of my mom and I. I had a small migraine type episode which I am sure would have been twenty times worse if I were not going to the chiropractor. I don't have teberkulosis! And I'm legally blind. Duh and duh, but whatever you have to do to prove it I guess.
Eye exams are pretty stupid if all you can see is light and colors. I felt bad because the nurse was asking me questions like "Can you see how many fingers I'm holding up?"
Me: What fingers?
Shelly: I'm going to cover your left eye. Tell me what you see. It's probably going to look like a white screen.
Me: I don't see anything.
Shelly: Now your left eye.
Me: I see light.
Other exercises included her having the room lights on and covering my eyes to see if I could tell which one was covered, me trying to follow a light with my eyes which I don't understand the concept of, her trying different lenses. It wasn't her fault that she had to do this stuff. I'm convinced that these clinics are not prepared to deal with this stuff.
We saw a friend at the State theater, and got the tickets to Go Fish.
Went out to dinner, but I couldn't eat much because of my nausea from what I think is a small migraine.
I did, however, get to walk faster than I have in a long time! It's so nice, but I'm out of shape. But I thank God that I can finally experience a life approaching something normal. I still have pain, and I don't know how long this freedom from aggony will last, but I'm grateful!
And on that note of hope, I leave you.



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