Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

You're blocking my nerves!

Finally, a piece of good news! The doctor examined me today and says the swelling is about where it was before the surgery, and the temperature and color are good. He didn't think the extra hair growth was anything to worry about. So, he decided to do an ankle block which takes less time, is easier for me in general and a whole lot less invasive than the sympathetic block.

It did hurt, but I'm completely numb and have a pain level of zero, which is good. It's a very good block. I'm a whole lot more comfortable!

In recovery, the nurse talked with me for a while and said she thinks I should try biofeedback. I'm interested. She's going to talk to my doctor for me (not the one who does the blocks, the one I see to figure out other courses of actions as they relate to RSD). Anyway... I'll try anything to get the pain down, or at least deal with it more effectively.


Tags: rsd sucks

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