Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

The morning

I'm waiting to be called back to get the injection. It feels as if Poseidon has decided to stir up the seas, but he's mis-guided, and he's stirring up my stomach instead. As I sit in the doctor's office, I wonder if it will hurt so bad this time. The smell of anticeptic does not assult you when you walk into the lobby like it does in most places. You don't really smell it until you get back to the injection room which is after the exam rooms. When the nurse calls my name, I will go back to the exam room, have my blood pressure and pUlse taken and answer the multitudinous questions about whether I have taken medication, eating, drank, or have dentures, hearing aids, glasses or other implants. They will ask if I will be using sedation, I'll say "No, I don't know," as I always do and then the nurse will leave. My mother and I will sit there for what seems like ages, but is actually only a few minutes, the doctor will come in, ask me more questions, then I will go back for the injection. Writing about it seems to be calming me down, but I still can't help but wonder if my blood pressure will be alarmingly high? I couldn't find the CD I wanted to bring, so we ended up listening to KTIS on the way down.
I hope this goes well. I'd really love to feel bett er for a while. Even if only two days. It would be nice. As I think past the injection, I come to the recovery period. I sit in the big hos%pital reclining chair with a blood pressure cuff that takes my blood pressure automatically. I drink and eat juice and cookies and answer questions about my pain level.
* After the Injection at 11:42 AM
Well, I ended up getting the ankle block done. I feel much much much much much better!! The actual procedure hurt like crazy. He did it much lower on my ankle than the previous doctor did. But I feel much better. No pain! I feel great! I can wiggle my toes! I can walk without much pain at all. "Sometimes my second toe has some pain at the base, but I wonder if the way I had been walking caused some of that.) We went to Steak Escape, and then grabbed a sweatshirt I needed from Old Navy. I figured it was a good idea to get it while I could still do it painfree. I was gonna get some boots, but couldn't because I can't feel enough in my left foot to make good judgments. Mom's going into the bank to get money, then we're gonna get some laundry from Helena. So that's the update for today.
Current mood: Grateful
Current music: A love So Beautiful I cannot turn away

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