Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Oh boy!

It's me, Julio. I decided to steal Mommy's laptop again (teehee!). Boy, you should've seen me yesterday. Mommy said I did great. We hadn't done any street crossings lately since Mom only started walking half way well last week. Yesterday, I did two of them perfectly; stopped for up curbs and everything!

Today Mommy took me to Target to get some things for the dorm. She got a little chair so she can sit on the floor with me without hurting her butt. It's her favorite, a kind of bluish green color she says. Baxter and I think she should give it to us because it looks so cute.

Mom also got a rug. She said it had to be dark so that if I throw up, the stain might not show as bad. But I'll still get my pretty yellow fur all over it (teehee!). And, and, and, she got me a new toy, but she says tthat she can only let me play with it with supervision because I'm not s'posed to have stuffed toys.

She didn't feel up to doing a lot of walking, but I liked the chance to work. I just wish she'd walk faster. And I wish she'd bought me a tall caramel macchiato with whip and cream cheese danish too. It looked really nummy. Then she got ticked when I tried to vacuum the floor... Sigh.

I sure do love to cuddle with her though. I wonder what she'll get me for my birthday?

Love, hugs, waggs and licks!

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