Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

A satisfying Saturday

What a busy day! I actually handled the pain better today, partly because it was not nearly as bad as yesterday (I was in the 5-6 range, instead of the 7-9 range). I'll take that difference any day!

I did not sleep well last night and woke up grudgingly at 7 this morning. The clock in the kitchen smugly struck the hour and I knew I had to get up. I did, and accomplished the necessary activities of taking off the LidoDerm patches, dressing and feeding Julio. I sort of relieved Julio, but needed to sit down before he actually defficated. Mom, who's been relieving for me, finished the job of holding His leash. I went to the van and waited inside.

We grabbed latts and breakfast on the way into church. When we got there, there were so many people there for car care that I had to sit in the sanctuary. That was fine. But then a few small kids came in and I think they started playing with Julio. I kept explaining that they couldn't pet him since he's a "working dog". They peppered me with questions about why my eyes are closed, why I wasn't in the wheelchair, whether I knew that God was going to make me better, whether I would open my eyes and if Julio was going to bite them. Once they learned that I could, indeed, open my eyes, they continued to ask me to do so as more kids came to see the doggy. I was then informed that my eyes are "scary."

It's always interesting to see what kids think and how they relate to the world around them. These kids were probably anywhere from 4-6 or so. I had to try to explain everything in terms they could relate to and deal with some pretty abstract ideas. I'm not sure, for example, the best way to explain to a young child that I feel God has a bigger purpose for my life than just to be able to see. I'm not sure I handled this as well as I could have. I told them that I believed God would make me see in heaven. Then, I had to explain where heaven is. Then, that I wasn't going to die right then. Then, one youngster asked me how I was supposed to see if you close your eyes when you're dead. My coffee couldn't take effect soon enough! But it was still a very interesting discussion and a chance to use my developmental psychology knowledge.

Then, I was able to sit back out in the lobby where everyone else was. I had a great conversation with a friend about accessibility and chronic pain issues punctuated questions from one of the kids about all of the topics in the paragraph above. The conversation helped, though, because it's nice to have someone who understands, even though I hate that she has to. After this, I had several other conversations which I'm too tired to summarize.

For some reason, the flies were pretty thick today. Julio kept trying to eat them. Then, he started crying and I couldn't figure out why. Mom took him outside and she said it seemed like he peed about a gallon. He came in wagging his tail, though, so that must have been the problem. We left church around noon.

Our local' Guide Dog Users affiliate had a picnic today. Two good friends hosted the picnic, and it was really a great time. You get to see all these other friends who use guides. People understand what you mean when you talk about issues of relevance. The food was excellent, as was the fellowship.

My friends had arranged for someone to bring aa game called Power Show-down. I was surprised to find that it was the person who ran the sports camp I attended three years ago. He remembered me, which was very cool. He was a very good role model to have, so it's always nice when a role model remembers you and seems happy to see you.

Power show-down is a game, somewhat like ping pong, but different. The ball stays on the table because it has some kind of rattly stuff in it. You have to serve the ball against the side of the table, and keep it from going into your pocket. (Not the one on your pants, although you probably don't want it to go there either). There is a board perpendicular to the table, but two inches or so above it. YOU don't want to hit the board or go over it. It's a really fun game to play.

The food was also a highlight, with yummy burgers and corn on the cobb ranking as my favorites. Of course, the food was only part of the equation and the conversations were encouraging and fun. People were very cognesent of pain levels and I never had to stand if I couldn't do it. It's helpful to be among friends who understand and make it not a big deal. I spent some time just relaxing and visiting too. My friends were nice enough to let me take a cup of their food and feed Julio before we left (thankfully they have the same food.)

We picked up my medications (thank goodness for Celebrex), got dinner and are on the way home as I type this entry. I'll probably just drop this into an email and post it that way.

I'm really grateful that today was such a good day. It's helpful to get to enjoy a day after the pain levels I had yesterday. I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.


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