Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Because some people can't be content with shaking up a soda

So, now we've got new security measures and code red terrorist alertsafter a terrorist plot was foiled. All of this has raised several thoughts in my mind. I don't understand politics, nor do I necessarily want to, but I do need to get this rant off my chest. Not that I expect anyone that can change the situation to see it, but it will do me some good to get it out into the open.

I don't understand why anyone has to feel that blowing up an aircraft is the only way to get their voice heard. I'm not even sure what we're fighting over anymore, to be honest. Why do we have to live in a society where the voice of reason can't be heared, simply because it doesn't speak in the form of bombs, flames (eal and virtual), shootings or any type of violent and, irrational or hateful form? Why can't there be rational discussion over the issues that face our world today? Do we really think we're going to accomplish anything?

Yes, I want a secure country. But even more, I want a secure world, where the disagreements are born out in rational words and actions. Where maybe I don't believe in your religion, or maybe you think I'm the dumbest living organism on the planet, but we at least can find a way to make our voices heard and we can listen to each other. Listening... It's a funny concept. I just don't see that in our communities anymore.

When did we get this idea that we had to make ourselves bigger than life to feel like we have worth in the world? Last I checked, we all breathe the same air, or at least need the same components of it. Really, why isn't there more dialogue? Why do we feel we need the biggest nuclear (or nucular) weapons, the most expensive cars, the best clothing, the most abilities, the most perfect set of blindness (or other disability) skills all just so we can prove something? Yes, we're supposed to strive for the best we can do. But why do we have this need to be the best of anyone?

Maybe if we'd start listening to other people's perspectives, we'd learn something. I'm not condoning violent actions; I think those trying to carry out this plot should have to own up to their actions. But I'm asking: Is there anything that they have to say to us that just might be valuable?

I think we have to ask that question with every person we meet. I sue don't do it, but I should. Listening to others might not always be easy, but it might prevent blow-ups, flamewars and acts of violence. Now, back to your regularly scheduled ramblings.

Tags: mainstream news, politics, travel

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