Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

...And I don't think squirrels flush.

I'm going to attempt to capture a stream of consciousness on paper, after it actually happened. I don't usually write stream of consciousness, so please be patient with me.

Hmm... I wonder what the bloggers are writing about today. Listening... Click "ad to". Click. Nah.

Where's Baxter going? Is there a squirrel in the house? I hope Baxter doesn't try to kill it. Hmm... That sounds like a big squirrel. Click, click post.

That's a really big squirrel. Wait, I don't think squirrels can shut doors, can they? And I don't know of any squirrels that can flush. Is someone in the house? Should I call 911? Should I call Dad at work? No, he can't do anything. (This is when I start praying really really hard.)

I think someone's in the house. They're coming this way. "Who is that???!"

Turns out it was dad all along! And I still don't think squirrels can flush ttoilets.


Tags: humor, personal entries, strange
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