Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

A trip to school and other stuff

I went to my college today to get all of my textbooks and give them to our disability services office. I know that there are all sorts of theories about what you should use your dss office for, but I find that they're a great help. They do a good job of helping me get accessible books after I've exhausted all my resources. They're efficient, so there's not a bunch of red tape to cut through.

I was able to do quite a bit of walking. I did have to take some short breaks. Where I really screwed up was when I stood up while talking. I should've sat down. Anyone see what was coming? Nausea from pain. Yeah, isn't that lovely? I didn't think so.

It was good to do some relatively normal walking and see some progress. I just wish I could see more. Hopefully, I will.

If I can successfully manage my pain, with all of this, I will be very happy about that. I think it will be manageable.


Tags: chronic pain, college, disability related, personal entries, rsd sucks, surgery

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