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Top five ways to deal with pain/side effects

5: Milkshakes: Thanks tocapricorn_sistr for this one. If you're sick to your stomach, sometimes a milkshake will stay down (depending on the nausea.) At least this gives you some calcium. Also, sometimes having a little bit in your somach helps.

4: Lavender: I got this idea poking around
3Kitties's site
it seems to help me calm down and deal with the pain. It helps more than I'd expect. One of my scars still hurts, and putting a few drops of lavender on it seems to help.

3: Guided imagery: This doesn't have to be creepy. I've heard a lot of objections to it (if you're reading this, your opinions were/are respected). I really had to pray and think about it. Here is my thought: If you're not making a god of it, and you're using it to help heal, it's not a problem. Using it as one method to take care of "the Temple"
(I Cor. 6:19)
This is a way to deal with the pain and focus on something good. If it can help me deal with the pain in healthy ways, I welcome it.
2: Ice or heat packs: Anything directly on the foot or ankle is bad, but when I had the surgery, the doctor taught me the trick of putting a pack under the knee. It helps keep the swelling down and also the pain.

1: Prayer: Praying for others helps me focus on God, not the pain. Knowing that others are praying for me helps me know that I'm not alone.

Note that most of these are low cost solutions and can be obtained easily. It's also helpful that these are available almost anywhere you travel, certainly within the U.S. and Canada. I'm planning to write more about pain control as references for anyone who wants them. If you have questions about the methods outlined above, let me know and I'll try to answer them. If you don't want to comment publicly, feel free to use the email form linked to at the top of my blog's main and entry pages.
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