Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Thoughts on Thursday

I got up around eight on Thursday morning. My friend took Julio out to relieve and worked on heeling with him. That was definitely nice of her. She's wonderful at working with dogs and she knows what she's doing. I heard a lot of praising going on and a lot of patience in her voice which is always good. We had breakfast and I discovered that I sort of like raisin bran. Then we did a few things online.

I was sad to leave. Mom and I went to a pharmacy and purchased a cane. It's metal, deep blue, and we call it nova. It helps some when I'm trying to walk. We grabbed lattes and headed on the road back to Portland.

I slept part of the way in the car. We grabbed a late lunch at Subway, then returned the rental car.

We'd made arrangements with a cab driver to pick us up at the airport. Part of this was related to the co mpany saying that most of their drivers are Muslim and don't accept dogs in their cabs. I'm not even going to try to tackle this topic in this entry because I'm tired and I don't want to say something in a confrontational way.

I'm glad we had the driver we did. He was very friendly and chatted the whole way to the train station. He even helped us get into the train station, which I did using the walker since I'm still in quite a bit of pain and don't want to mess anything up. He acted like we were the only people he had to drive that day and was patient with my slow pace.

When we got up to the counter, they gave us three tickets, one for me, one for Mom and one for "Service Animal Juli". I found out that it's just a courtesy they do for their customers, and it turned out that I really liked it. We grabbed some snacks for the train ride and then waited. One of the people who worked there helped Mom and I pre-board. She was extremely helpful and even guided me by gently pulling the walker (not in a way that was weird, and she did ask first).

When we got on the train, Julio settled down nicely in the floor in front of his seat. A passenger in front of us even audio described parts of the journey for me, which I liked since it was my first trip on the train. The train had a nice rocking rhythm feeling and I almos fell asleep. The food was awful and I ended up eating a package of gold fish and a small thing of Ben and Jerry's chocolate Fudge Browny Ice Cream. Not like I minded the ice cream...

I think Julio was surprised to see Dad when we got off the train in Eugine. Dad had been working and met us at the station. Julio definitely wagged hard for him. We grabbed some dinner from a place called Jack in the Box and ended the night at hotel around midnight.

Tags: disability related, fun events, guide dogs, travel

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