Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
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Wednesday's writings

If Tuesday was hectic and crazy, Wednesday was calm and relaxed. I got to see friends i hadn't expected to see this summer since I couldn't go to convention. If all this trip consisted of was what we did Wednesday, it would have been worth the expense and challenges of travel.

Wednesday dawned cool by the standards of summers where I live, and certainly cool compared to the weather when we left. This is one reason I want to move out to Seattle when I finish college. Mom and I woke up around 6:30 that morning, and although we tried to go back to sleep, it didn't happen. We took showers (well, a bath for me), and headed out on the road. That was the first day of wearing a normal shoe and my brace since the surgery, and we really had to make the shoe loose so I could actually get into it. The pain didn't get any worse, so that was good, but the pain was still pretty high.

We grabbed breakfast and coffee from this little tiny place that you could only a drive up to or walk up to. The coffee was excellent, and the German chocolate muffin was good except for the nuts in it. I think the sign said something about the perfect cup and I agree. While we sipped at coffee (a vanilla latte for me, a white chocolate mocha for MOM), we listened to an audio book in the car's CD player. It was unprotected DAISY format, so it played nicely in the mp3 CD player.

BTW, I noticed two comments about me being in Seattle. I was, but only for about 24 hours and we'd already planned to meet up with some close friends. I had to leave Thursday morning to head back down to Portland and eventually to the Springfield area, so I didn't tell anyone else I was coming because there wasn't time. I didn't even know I could come until last Tuesday, so it's been a bit crazy. Ideally, I would have tried to meet up, and also tried to meet up with Julio's puppyraisers as well. Maybe next time?

We got into Seattle around 10 or so in the morning. We sat with our friends, sipping at sodas and catching up. Lunch was grilled burgers, which were excellent. Then we played Uno and joked that we were drinking and playing cards. There was healthy teasing going on. It was nice to be with friends. I could have fun, but they understood about pain levels, spoons (though I'm not sure if I ever use that term with them) and my very limited walking ability. I never went anywhere without at least one offer of an arm for balance (which I needed) or help getting the walker (which I still use sometimes.)

Two friends I'd met last summer came over for dinner. Again, there was a lot of healthy teasing (not bad for a sighted person and other such comments), catching up and discussion of politics and religion. The time went by really quickly. The food was great and I was able to cut my steak without making an idiot of myself or feeling stupid about how long it took me. Being among friends in a home (not a restaurant) increases my confidence a lot.

After that, three of us ended the day by relaxing in the hot tub/spa. For some reason, that decreased my pain level for several hours.

I drifted off to sleep after a long while. The bed was comfortable, but the foot complained. I didn't want to take Ambien because I needed to be alert early the next morning.
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