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I'm going to have a good post soon, like, once I finish this one. But I need to make some comments publicly. They are about foot stuff that isn't too nasty, but might be TMI, so I'm putting them behind a cut.

So, I've been feeling some hair on my foot for a while now. The left one, to be specific. But no one could see it, at all. I figured it wasn't worth mentioning to the doctors if they wouldn't see it and told my brain to shut up. But now, it's bugging me, a lot, so I asked Mom if she could see anything today. Yes, she could, no, there isn't any on the other foot. And one of the hairs is black.

I know that the doctors are watching my foot for hair growth, so I guess I'll mention it to my surgeon. But if I understand it right, the hair growth is an RSD thing, which means it's a pain clinic thing. So, I'm not sure what to do. I'll just bring it up with the doctor tomorrow, I guess.

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