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I wanted to update you with the rest of my day. I interviewed a teacher I had last year for the suicide prevention article. I really liked her, and still do. She's very nice, and I just like chatting with her. A lot of kids say they don't like her. I think it's because she wants the best from her students, and she doesn't try to be cool just to please the students. But she really cares about students, and I know that she does her best to help anyone who needs it. I really liked her class, and I'm hoping to take a class from her next year.
Diane and I worked the route near my house. It's not so bad. I think I can figure it out pretty easily. Even if I don't end up doing the whole thing for the home interview, I'll feel better knowing I can. Plus, it was really nice to see Mrs. B again (I don't actually call her that, I call her by her full last name, but can't spell it.) It was great, she drove into her drive way just as we were trying to figure out which was hers. It was great to see her again! And if I'm accepted to Guide Dogs For the Blind, this will but a great route for me to do with my Guide Dog to see her. It's definitely a long enough route, my foot hurts like crazy!
I ended up taking a nap I think and reading some. Other than that, my parents have been watching the TV too loud! Ttfn!
Current mood: sore
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