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I was drunk the day my Mama got out of Prison: Or, my two alcohol Related experiences

I told you I was having a creative slump, and a friend made a post that reminded me of these experiences. So, I thought I'd write them down in leu of an entry that's productive, not sure if they have been written in this space before.

Eighth grade: I accidently brought a beer to school. We'd had people over that weekend, and, trying to be helpful, they'd turned the beers right side up (we always kept them upside down just for this reason). It was my job to grab my drink for my lunch bag, that morning I did so. Mom didn't look at it (we never had this problem before). At lunch, I opened the can and let's just say it did NOT smell like soda. I shoved it in the bag and ran (don't do that with a cane), to the trash can. One of the guidance counselors asked if I was okay. "Just fine" I said.

Late ninth grade: I'm in a singing group and we're singing at a church. It's communion Sunday, so we all go up. First we get these wafers, which stick to my mouth. I figure I'll just get it down with the grape juice. I've never made such a face in my life!

There's your entry.

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