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I missed the bus again! It's really annoying that I did. But today I probably should have expected it. It was the first day of our new quarter. I have two new classes (World literature and creative writing). And two classes that are the same (economics and journalism.) Over all, it looks like a good quarter. I hope I do well. I really want my gpa to go up. Last year second semester screwed it up royally!
I'm actually looking forward to this quarter. I think having two classes that stay the same is nice. But I think that World Lit will stimulate my mind and ability to defend what I think and creative writing will expand my free stylability. Yes, I know that's not a word! And I don't care!
Jason came to lunch today. That made the first day of lunch bearable. I always hate it when we switch quarters and I don't know who's in my lunch. At least I didn't just hide like I did last year. It took me 5 or 10 minutes to find someone who would tell me what was in the lines because I still haven't gotten the lunch menu for November. But I got my food and found an empty table. Jason came over and we chatted a while. He won't be here much since he's doing pseo, but he's a fun guy and usually makes me laugh.
I have a lot of stuff that's print, I hate that about the first day of the quarter. I wish I'd brought my laptop to school so I could be scanning it now. Guess I'll have to have Mom help me decide what's worth it and not. I'll probably skip the class expectations since I've heard them already. I think I'll definitely need help with one where we're looking up greek names in this book. I think I can find that one online. At least I could last spring. But I did get a print book so Mom and Dad can help. I may use them as readers for something where we're looking stuff up. I also have to fill out a bio type sheet for World lit.
For Creative Writing, we wrote poems about someone else we interviewed in class. Mine is terrible. I think it's better now that I've taken out some pronouns and such, it sounds more mysterious. She said she didn't expect any miracles. That's good, I couldn't produce one if I tried.
My foot is sore. I have another appointment for an injection on Friday. I don't wanna go! The last one was so bad, I don't want to go through it again. They were really nice, but it hurt like crazy. I'm having a hard time seeing past how bad it hurt. Is it better to take a stand or just assume they know what they're doing?
That's all for now. Too many questions with no answers.
Current mood: Sore
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