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Nickie goes to the doctor

So I never wrote about the nerve block yesterday. Sorry for that, but I was getting some good rest, so I didn't want to write. I actually planned to write, but fell asleep in front of my laptop. Or under my laptop, as the case may be.

The injection did help, though the swelling isn't going down the way I'd hoped. The pain has, so that's good, but I really want to have this flare over and behind me for good.

One of the nurses encouraged me to try a few techniques such as guided imagery to encourage my body to heal. The scary thing was that while there, they noticed that my face looked puffy. That was weird, and scary, so I have to have an "adrenal insufficiency" test. I'm concerned, and really praying that I don't have that. I looked it up. It's not pretty.

But my pain levels are low today, and it's a great feeling. Plus, the doctor, after she took my pins out, said that I can start taking my foot out of the boot while sitting or laying down. This also helps. So does moving it around. Maybe I can get the swelling down.


Tags: health, rsd sucks, surgery
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