Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

I guess I still love fireworks.

Wow! This morning's convention's business was fun! I just finished (okay, just is relative, but two hours ago I finished), listening to the coverage of convention. I guess there were officers at yesterday's nominating committee (oops).

So, there was a vote, which turned into a role call vote, that made the committee redo their work. I can understand the logistical nightmares that were imposed today. But, by the same token, I think several people want to redo it right. I know that it's a passionate debate.

It made me glad I was listening to the stream, instead of going to convention (well, not totally), because I could scream at the laptop when I disagreed with a point. The only difference is, I didn't get to vote, so, except by my guide dog, there wasn't anyone hearing my voice in the democratic process.

It was definitely an interesting issue, one I hope doesn't get repeated. But I'm glad that the debate is alive and well, and that I seem to be over the ambivilance I felt about being in a blindness organization. I still want to get involved, I still want to have a voice, and yes, I think I still even want to deal with a thousand people with canes, Guide Dogs, and, very often, attitudes.

I guess that's what I have to realize with being in the country I live in. It gets messy, I can disagree a lot with the people in leadership, but even as frustrated, and sometimes disheartened as I can get, I still want to have a voice and I still want to be involved. I don't yet understand my own voice, and I haven't learned how to make it heard in a way that is productive all of the time, but I still want to try.


Just some thoughts for a Tuesday afternoon.

Tags: disability related, personal entries
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