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Doctor's appointment and other musings

As I think I wrote earlier (yesterday), I went to the pain clinic again yesterday. Dad went back with me to meet with the doctor. Like always, he was very attentive to my questions. But I'm a little scared, even though I shouldn't be.

He didn't really like what he saw. He said it was very swollen, but at least there wasn't funky hair growth or deformities (very good), there was some discoloration, but the temperature was good. He brought in the doctor who has done most of my injections. He said the foot was swollen about 75% more than last time he saw me (and I thought it was swollen then which was back in April).

And my RSD definitely spread up my leg, the ankle and part of my leg are swollen, and it's touch sensitive. So, onMonday, in the afternoon after I hopefully get the pins out, I'll be having a sympathetic block. These are old hat. It means I won't get my latte after the pin removal, but if I get relief, that will be a better reward.

I'm listening to
ACB Radio Interactive's exhibit coverage.
It's making me wish I were at convention. I'm second guessing whether I should have had this surgery. I blame no one but myself for the spread of my RSD. They did everything they could to prevent it, but it didn't work. I have so many "what if" thoughts running through my head now.

The doctor told me to treat the pain aggressively. Why can't I be a "normal" patient? I know I should be positive, but I'm in pain (even after taking a Percocet, putting the cold pack behind my knee and elevating my foot). We went to car care today which was great, but I have a friend's grad party and I'm so tired. I know I'm going to have more questions and all I want to do is curl up and sleep.

I'll have something worth writing later.


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