Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

All you get is an entry

I was going to upload a podcast, but it didn't save to the card. So you're not getting it, because it doesn't exist. I guess this means that that card is completely toast, the one I thought was toast before, but dumbly decided to use again today.

Today, I took a shower without help. I'd basically just needed help washing my hair and not falling on my rear. The only reason I'd needed help with my hair was that spray things and I do not mix. It's not bad when you use a hair dryer. That's just hot air, and we all know that it looks important, but isn't that big of a deal (smile). But when it's water, that's not so good. Water all over the bathroom is not ideal! But then, that's what I said about the whipped cream (not in the bathroom though!), at least Julio liked cleaning that mess up though.

Anyway, I figured out a creative twist maneuver that allowed me to wash my hair under the bath tub spicket like I usually do, even though my foot is sticking out of the tub. If this isn't clear, don't feel bad.

Well, I'm gonna go.

This entry is twisted...

Tags: surgery

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