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I've been looking for information relating to RSD and complementary therapies or things to try to get the pain under control. In an article in a Medical Journal, I found the following text. I'll link to the Google cache of the article, since it's in PDF format. (For readers who don't know, PDF format can be tricky with a screen reader. I've had problems with pdf files from this particular site before.)

Here's the text I found that sparked interest:

Eighty percent of patients with upper extremity CRPS of less than 3 months had a stressful social life event within the 2 months before or the month after a trauma compared with a 20% incidence in control patients. Nevertheless, no specific personality trait or psychologic factor has been identified that predisposes an individual to development of CRPS.

Here's the link.

I've often thought that stress has something to do with RSD. My doctor has suggested it as well. If you look at my life and when I got RSD, you'll notice a pattern:

  1. I switch to high school from Junior High

    • I take Advanced Placement History and Algebra II.
    • I learn my way around a new building.
    • I struggle with above mentioned classes
  2. I injure myself in some unknown fashion, developing RSD in the left foot.
    • It takes a while to figure the RSD out.
    • Fortunately, I am diagnosed within the first year. I am treated with nerve blocks, which have fortunately been helpful. In addition, I am young enough that...
    • The RSD goes into a remission, though I assume I'm cured.
  3. In July of 2005, I am exiting a bus and mis-judge the curb. I am doing everything right as far as using my dog correctly and wearing supportive shoes with custome-fitted orthodics.
    • During this time, I'm pre-occupied with several things.
    • I am preparing to go to college for the first time.
    • I am extremely anxious about said transition.
  4. Within a month, my foot feels like it's burning, the skin has turned blue, purple, dark red or pink at various times. There is a large difference in temperature. And, of course, the foot is swollen.
  5. In short, the RSD comes back with a vengence.

That's the basic timeline. I hope it makes sense. Over the last 10-11 months, the RSD has increased in intensity. It has always been my quest to tell the story of my life and how blindness isn't the end of the world. Now, though, I want to tell another story too; the story of RSD. I want people to be aware. I want them to know what RSD is and what to do. Most of all, I want to find a cure. Until then, I want to find ways to love well, and enjoy life.

Tags: college, health, live milestones, personal entries, rsd sucks

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