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I'm back

Well, yesterday was fun. Helena and I went to Keys cafe. Then we wwent to Barnes and Nobel. I got a hot chocolate, and bought another Lurlene MCDaniel book. This is the first I've bought, the rest I've downloaded off of web braille. I'm hoping to somehow have time to scan it. It's called Angel Of Mercy.
So then we walked four blocks to catch the bus that would take us back to the U. Remember the hot chocolate? As we walked, I didn't realize it, but it was slopping all over my jacket. Apparently I looked pretty bad. So we get to the bus stop right when the bus pulls up. At the time, I was just letting Helena be big sister. So she decided we should get on the bus. I'm trying to figure out how to get on the bus, get my money and such. Then, the bus driver says that it's cheaper for blind people. Which is true, but apparently I wasn't considered disabled when I went to apply for my ID a year ago. Well, I had one quarter and a dollar out, and needed another because she insisted that I should get the cheeper fair. So I ended up sitting down, and getting the money then having Helena go up and get the money into the box for me.
Talk about embarrasing!! I felt so bad! I wanted to cry except for the obvious issue of under developed tear ducts and my issue with crying. Besides, I'm suppose to be a big girl.
So we got off the bus, and then walked. If I wasn't in enough pain before...
We went up to Helena's dorm room and she put in Moulan Rouge the DVd which has a description option. It's not my style. Anyway, I fell asleep, but she did wake me up to take my Tylinol PM.
I didn't sleep well. But what did I expect? I don't think the Tylinol PM completely took care of the pain.
This morning I had oatmeal, and a Coke. We got to the bus stop early, this time I was prepared for either fair, since I had $1.50 in my letter jacket pocket. I got on the bus, Helena pretended she didn't know me which is perfect considering that was the plan. The bus driver announced the stops. Randee got on, but I didn't say hi. I knew I'd see her at the meeting. I didn't want the driver to put us together and think she was taking care of me or something. I got off the bus where I needed to and found my way inside. Sounds simple, but my heart was racing. It was freaky, being my first independent bus trip, without Diane following me. It's very realistic. I'm pretty proud of myself!! It's so exciting!
The meeting was good. I loved seeing people I'd met at convention again! I keep saying I need to make the effort to reach out and do something, but do I do it? Nope.
The rest of the day was cool. We ended up going to the Black Forest later, and that was cool. Saw Helena. There was other stuff, but I really don't know how to explain it. I'm tired.
All in all, though, I did join MNGDU.


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