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Reported on December 10, 1999

Bozo criminal for today definitely picked the wrong profession. From Memphis, Tennessee comes the story of Bozo Ken Chitty who decided to rob a bank. Only
one problem, Ken is blind. Our bozo walks into the First Tennessee Bank, white cane and dark glasses in place. A security guard walks up and asks our bozo
if he can be of assistence. He then guides him up to the tellers window and watches as our bozo passes a note to the teller demanding cash. The teller
looks at the guard and mouths the words "It's a robbery!" while handing him some cash. The bozo was immediately arrested by the guard and escorted to jail.

Reported on February 23, 2000

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Vince Colvin of Mineola, Texas for sending us today's story. From the International File in Buenos Aires, Argentina comes the story
of four rather clumsy bozos who broke into the home of 86 year old Julia Castillo late one evening. It was a moonless night and it was dark in the house.
Very dark. In fact Mrs. Castillo was awakened by the sound of our bozos stumbling around and running into things. Mrs. Castillo does just fine in the dark,
having been blind since birth. She picked up the baseball bat she kept close to her bed and tiptoed down the hall. She began swinging the bat and hit all
four bozos, delivering lumps to their heads. And while she was swinging, she was also calling out to her neighbors for help. When the bozos were finally
able to find their way out of the house, the ran right into the arms of arriving cops.

Reported on 2/4/98

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Miller Duncan for sending along our first ever Bozo Criminal, radio division. From Greenville, South Carolina comes the story of
a morning disc jockey who was convicted of reckless driving and fined $200 after pulling a bozo morning show promotion. It seems our bozo caused a tremendous
traffic jam when he drove the station van blindfolded on an interstate highway during rush hour. And why did the bozo do this? He said he was doing it
as a tribute to Ray Charles.
Reported on 7/29/97

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File. From Strasbourg, France comes the story of 23 year old Jacque Rogeau who was arrested for reckless
driving. The strange part of the story is that our bozo is totally blind. When arrested, he was behind the wheel of the car while his girlfriend shouted
instructions to him from the passenger seat. He wound up running the car into a lamppost. He told police that before losing his sight, he had dreamed of
becoming a race car driver and had to take the car for one last spin.
I'm loving the guilt free web surfing I'm doing right now!

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