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Are we there yet? The " seven week road trip"

Ah, yes... The joys of summer. Being stuck in a car with the family, fighting for leg and butt room and asking the constant question "Are we there yet?"

In many ways, this surgery is stretching out to be the "ultimate road trip" without the benefit of a guaranteed destination. I sit here wondering if the surgery will actually benefit me. It's a constant redefinition of destination too.

  1. Get to the surgical center on the day of surgery: "Are we there yet?"
  2. Get into surgery "Are we there yet?"
  3. Make it into recovery "Are we there yet?"
  4. Be able to take pain meds and keep them down "Are we there yet?"
  5. Get released from the hospital "Are we there yet?"
  6. Scare stomach into submission so you can eat "Are we there yet?" (sort of)
  7. Get stitches out "Are we there yet?
  8. Learn to walk with walker successfully without falling or scaring the you-know-what out of the sighted people (extra points if you can do this in unfamiliar areas or carry something if no one can help you) "Are we there yet?" (mostly)
  9. But the unresolved issues are what bug me now.

  10. Get pins out of heel "Are we there yet?"
  11. Get cast completely off or at least just a boot so you can wear Lidoderm "Are we there yet?"
  12. Find out how much functionality you will have "Are we there yet?">
  13. Find out for sure if the RSD spread "Are we there yet?"
  14. Start working with Julio and be comfortable again as a team (extra points if you do this before starting school again) "Are we there yet?"

As you can see, I definitely have a long way to go. That's about as small as I can break it down.

The car of healing is going too slow for my tastes. I went out and hung with a friend last night. We went to church at one of my favorite places, then dinner and then to a coffee shop where a wonderful artist was performing and a mutual friend was there too. This artist has come to a camp I attended when I was in junior high. But he came the years before and after when I went. Still, he is very good and it was fun. But my pain levels shot up. I elevated my foot the whole time, but it didn't help. It got worse as people tapped on the table my foot was resting on and other miscelanious vibrations happened. It was so fun, I really enjoyed it, but I wish I didn't tire. People keep saying that "It's only been a month since the surgery". I'm not sure that's really valid to be honest. It's foot surgery, day surgery that with any other patient shouldn't have needed a hospital stay.

I'll stop ranting. This was supposed to be a humorous comparison to a road trip, not a witch fest with a b.


Tags: health, rants and snarkiness, rsd sucks, surgery
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