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Some journaling about Julio

Too bad that doesn't come out as eliteration, unless you use a screen reader without changing the pronunciation dictionary... Anyway, I wanted to write a little bit about Julio and how he's handling the recovery period.

Sunday was one month out from the surgery, and I guess I'm doing okay. The doctors do seem happy with how things are, but I'm still slightly frustrated with being in pain (okay, a lot frustrated). It's sometimes tricky to be positive about all of this,because I really want it to be done. Only two and a half weeks until the appointment when I might get the pins out. That will be nice.

Anyway, Julio is handling this like a champ. We figured out a way I can feed him; I just use the wheelchair and someone pushes me. That's good, since the way to a labrador's heart is through food. Yesterday, we all went for a walk. Mom took the Baxter on a flexy leash and I held Julio on long leash and dad pushed me. Dad said Julio looked the happiest he has in a while. I think he felt like he had his purpose back sort of.

Julio has been pretty gentle, although less so since I've gotten stronger. He cuddles on the bed with me at night, and right now he's stealing my pillows that I use to elevate my foot.

I guess I'll find out if anyone from the
Guide Dog school
is reading this.

Oh, and we came up with a theory of why Julio was being so good on Sunday. He tends to know when he's being "set up" to see how well he stays on task. My theory is that he saw the normally-rambunxious-puppy and thought she was a plant. Or, maybe, he was just being nice. But considering that he went nuts for a Guide Dog, I doubt it somewhat.

I wuv my puppy!

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