Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Doctor's report

Obviously, the death took writing pressidence as far as "triaging" posts. Now, though, I think I am able/ready to write about the doctor's appointment.

My doctor seemed happy with how things were going. The RSD hasn't really spread, although the pain is more intense. For now, we're trying to avoid increasing medications, since the hope is that things will calm down. I did, however, talk to the doctor about the sleep issues. He prescribed Ambien, a sleep medication. He said that it may even help me get my sleep pattern back on track. He told me to take it PRN, which is as needed; if I don't get to sleep within half an hour, I should take it.

He also reassured me that it is okay to continue taking the pain medication if I'm taking it as prescribed, and for pain. That made me feel better, just to know that I'm not off track. I know that these medications are often heavily regulated. I want to make sure I'm handling everything well.

We had several great discussions about support for people with RSD and ways to use it (support groups etc.), effectively. He also gave me some interesting ideas and encouraged me to run with one I've been kicking around.

I don't know many people who have RSD. But I don't know many people with a visible disability (blindness, hearing issues, difficulty or inability with walking etc), plus an invisible condition/disability such as RSD or fibromyalgia. I always felt guilty for struggling with adjustment to life with RSD because I'd adapted to blindness (I was born blind). I felt like I should be able to magically handle it and deal. My doctor pointed out that pain is a whole different realm. Pain, by its very nature, causes depression. It changes from day to day. You can't just adjust one day and hope everything will be fine. You have to take it day by day.

I kind of learned that the hard way. My pain changes. When I switched semesters, it changed. When I had surgery, it changed. When I went to
it changed. It seems like a dragon, some days, determined to tear me apart. So, no, I can't expect to tackle it the same way, and I shouldn't hold myself to some magic standard.

Anyway, I think I want to find out more about these topics and write a paper about them. I really want to contribute some knowledge about this subject. Plus, it will help me out too!</p>
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