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Thank goodness for the pain clinic!

Last night was perhaps the worst night I've had in a while for sleeping! There was a mix up where the drugstore told us they'd call in for my Amitriptyline, but they apparently couldn't, so we didn't find that out until it was too late, even though we gave them more than enough time. ARGH! So last night, no Amitriptyline, and very little sleep. This is a very bad thing. We're talking about 4 hours, (lately, I've gotten a max of 6, but six is better than four). But we called and the pain clinic called it in for us, Hallelujah! I just have to get through today until i can sleep tonight. Maybe I'll get lucky and sleep better tonight (I'm not holding my breath.)

In other news, my humor is tasteless, and will probably get me stoned (not the drug kind), someday.


Tags: health, rsd sucks

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