Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

This entry should've come first!

Okay, here goes, we're watching the same movie in personal law, (it's called Holy Man) and I'm not having a good time trying to follow it. So, I'm going to journal. I'm sore, tired, and I want a lot of rest. I could use something, anything to jump start this day. Maybe the Russian Civilization banquet will help, but that's not until 4th hour. So here's the story about what's happening at the banquet:
We're each (at least some of us) bringing a Russian dish. I'm bringing beef stroganoff. We're even going to have sparkling grape juice to represent wine.
* News Flash! *
It would appear I got an A in Personal law! I hope I heard right! That will help. I hope I do well in the other classes too. I think this habit of journaling during low points is helpful for keeping me alive during the day. I definitely think there are some health benefits to this journaling thing! The ability to actually get out my feelings, and have some down time. I've discovered that if I don't get some of that daily, I'm not going to feel very good. Considering that I haven't been home by myself much this week, which usually burns me out. I haven't had that much burn out yet, so maybe I won't. In any case, tomorrow I have no school. So I'll get a nice break. I really hope I'll get some much needed rest, and then this weekend will be awesome! It looks like I'll be going to the MNGDU meeting, and I'm try to find Helena so I can ask to stay at the University of Minnesota and turn the trip to VLETTER into an oandm lesson. But I can't find her, I tried to call her, but whatever! Hel, if you read this, I'd like you to call me. Actually, anyone else can call me, if you've got the number.
The movie's actually pretty good, but I can't follow it without DVS. It's almost to the end now. Then I'll go to economics and do something, I have no idea what.
In economics we ended up watching a movie. My teacher tried to narrate the movie, and I do really appreciate it, but his work just confirmed to me that I need to write up a sheet of guidelines for those trying to describe movies or videos. Maybe I'll do that this weekend. If anyone has suggestions for it, I'd love to hear them. Or if anyone wants a copy to give to others or help edit, drop me a comment. Maybe I can do stuff like this to help blind people. Just helping sighted people understand what's helpful and what's not.
Then we worked on filling out a sheet about ourselves. He wants to get to know us better. I can't think of any real accomplishments. Maybe I'll talk to my parents. Why is it people always want to know our accomplishments? That's the question I can never answer.
I'm still thinking about it. What exactly am I supposed to do? Oh well, I'll just fill out the rest of the form.
I've been walking around school brainstorming and remembering stuff about what I've seen people who have Guide Dogs do. I've reminded myself that I'll have to verbally tell my dog which way to go, that could be weird. In stead of just doing stuff without thinking, I'll need to tell the dog where to go. I guess I'll get used to that. I'm really hopeful and very wishful about this. It's very exciting, and I know a lot of my sighted friends are excited too. But I'm very afraid I won't get in. I know a lot of people think I won't have a hard time, but I have to believe I won't get in so I'm not disappointed. But as you can tell, that isn't working. At least I have the outlet of my journal, where thoughts come out of my head and onto a virtual paper. Then they are much easier to deal with. If I identify my thoughts, I can then figure out what to do with them. I also learn a lot about myself. For example, I've learned that I try not to be hopeful, but it never happens. I get hopeful. I'm thinking now that if I get hopeful, that's fine, but if I don't get in I need to be careful not to let it through me too much. Hopefully that sticks.
I haven't decided if I'm going to eat lunch. I could skip and then wait for the banquet, or something. If I skip, I could go to the media center. Or go to lunch. Or I could eat and solve the whole delema. Other than that, I don't have many choices. It is technically my last lunch of the quarter, so the last lunch with the people I always sit with.
I went to lunch, had a recis and an oatmeal cream pie with a Dr. Pepper. Yes, I know that's not healthy. But I'm still hungly enough that I'll be okay for the banquet.
I had a discussion with a classmate, her parents are both deaf, and want a hearing dog. I think that's interesting. I hope we can chat about that more.
I've got more to say, but will post an update after I get on the laptop.


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