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The case of Could v. should

One of the things I really need to do better with is knowing what I could do and what I should do. Here's the latest example of how I had to ask this question and how the case was resolved. Can you learn anything from this? Should I have resolved the case differently?

On Monday nights when I'm home for breaks, I participate in our church's intercessory prayer team. Normally, there are anywhere from two to 8 or so of us who get together in the sanctuary to pray for any needs that are brought up either by people calling the prayer chain, calling the office, contacting one of us or writing their prayers down and placing them in the offering plate. It's uplifting to see God work in the prayer time and in the lives of those we pray for.

This week, our group decided to participate in a community worship service. This gives us a chance to pray for the needs of people in our community and unite in worship. It was a great service, except for my pain levels. I was getting into the 6.5-7 pain range, which I try to avoid when possible because I know it will make it very very difficult to sleep. I was torn, then, by two choices. I could stay and continue worshiping or go home to try to recover pain levels. It's hard for me to go home when others stay. I missed out on so many things in high school because of pain levels (and those were better than my pain levels now). I don't like admitting I need to leave. Plus, wouldn't it be not good to leave a worship service?

I ended up resolving this crisis by thinking about the should's and could's. I should worship. I could stay to do that. I could also go home. And isn't taking care of the body God gave me an act of worship? So that's how I resolved this case of should's and could's.


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