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Oh, boy!

I'm helping a friend switch from blogger to LJ because it's much easier, and the phone posts are allowed to be longer. I really hope I don't break it. Trying to input entries is showing me just how bad my memory is today. My mind is not focussing today. Hopefully it will tomorrow, so I can be confident that I'm doing a this right. At least I'm able to help someone, instead of feeling like I'm not doing anything.

I'm also starting to think about the next podcast I want to publish, but not sure what to talk about. I've thought about doing some kind of short referencecast/infocast on RSD, or a brainstorm/vocal overview of high school and dog guides. If I did the latter, I know of a publication that might be interested in reproducing the cast, so that it would be more valuable to more people. If I did the former, it might be educational not just to readers here (who may or may not understand RSD), but to others who are looking for information. If I did talk about RSD, i'd find myself reflecting on the differences between an invisible condition and a visible disability.

Until tomorrow, or I find something else that needs writing.

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