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The rest of the day

The banquet went well. I had a good time.
It looks like I need a six to eight block route in my neighborhood, then a four to six block route in town I'm thinking that means Forest Lake. My curiosity is this: is six blocks the length? Or the crossings. Each block around our house is half a mile. Mom and I tried a two mile route, but it didn't work. I'm still sore and cold!
Other than that? Not much. Accept trying to figure out if Vision Loss Resources is at 1936 Lyndale Ave South or north. I'm hoping south because I could do a bus route with no transferrs which might mean I could do it myself from hHelena's dorm. I'm gonna email her the attachment of the one I hope it is. It looks like a short ride, about twenty minutes, so not enough to wear me out completely. Yay!
I think I'll just have mom pick me up from VLR, because she can do that, and I'm likely to be exhausted by the time it's all over! I really need to do this, just to show myself I can do it. It's just that I need the practice. I have the skills, I just need the confidence!
Okay, time to email the sister!


Oh yeah!! The quarter's over and I didn't die!!

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