Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Good reports are nice!

The doctor was happy with how things looked on x-ray. She took out the stitches (which didn't even hurt), and gave me yet a different cast. This one is slimmer and not as high on my leg. It's slightly more comfortable this way.

I've been experiencing this weird tickilish trickling feeling on the sid of my foot lately, and the doctor said that might be related to nerves that got moved during surgery protesting somewhat. I'm not really sure what this will mean in the long run. Who knows? Anyway, she didn't seem concerned, and I have full sensation as far as I know.

I have an appointment in five weeks where the pins in my heel will get taken out if all looks good. So, I only have to survive five more weeks of this...

I so want tto have some independence and privacy back. It will be nice when I can have weight on my foot.

I have a few comments to reply to, and I promise to try to get to them soon. For now, I need to get a few things done.


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