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The real skate boarding Nickie

Okay, thanks to enchanterglen we have a good picture! How you did that will never cease to amaze me!
For the sighted, you'll now have to look at me everytime I post an entry. For the blind people, consider yourselves informed on what I look like from the following description. I'm actually not completely sure, so here's the best I can do:
I have very short brown hair. White eyes that are probably closed. My skin is very pale, and at the time was probably sickly looking. I'm about 5:8 and at the time 125 pounds (now about 130). I probably had a zit or two at the time since it was the end of the year.
I think both feet were on the skate board, one in front, one in back. Like I said yesterday, my arms are outstretched. I was probably wearing blue, but please don't quote me on that.
This was indeed me wearing the tennis shoes that had the soles wripped and the hateful orthodics thrust in.
That is all. Time for bed!!

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