Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

The long road

I didn't fully wake up until 9 this morning. I think it's me finally relaxing and trying to catch up on all that sleep I didn't get this year. I know that the pain medication I use to control the surgery pain is making me sleepy. I'm taking only what's necessary since it can make me dizzy and that gets a bit scary. Luckily, the surgery pain is decreasing even while the RSD pain is roaring.

For what I went through with surgery, I'm surprised at how comfortable I am as far as keeping the pain under wraps. I'm confident that things will get better and I'll get through the recovery eventually. Although I don't like this experience much (not exactly how I wanted to spend my summer vacation), I just keep focusing on it ending and me hopefully feeling better. I really want my independence back!!!

Today was spent eating meals, taking a bath (yay for clean hair), and doing other stuff. How's that for ambiguity?

Anyway, just some musing and hopefully I'll get some inspiration for something interesting to write.

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