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Well, after I went to bed, i couldn't get comfortable, then at about 11:00 PM I fell asleep. Then at 1, my foot was just throbbing! I was exhausted today! I got my paper turned in for gym class. That was good.
We had a food festival at our school put on by the Home Ec. department, and we went to it for French. Third hour was pretty cool. I got a b plus on my algebra 2 quiz! Yeah! The only thing is I made the most dumb mistakes!! I need to write somemore insults in my notebook, maybe I'll do better next time. We went to MCDonalds and used my coupon I got for my achevements in phy ed this year, I guess that's something to be proud of. But I look at my achevements and think how insignificant they are to the world. How am I ever going to live a life that's worth anything without making greater strides?
I also got a book (in print but Mom'll read it for me) written by the NewsBoys called Shine. It's going to be sweet.
Maybe if I can get my foot to stop hurting I'll feel like life is good. I know there's a lot to be thankful for, but I'm sore, and scared because of the doctor appointment on Monday, and I just wish I could crawl off somewhere and curl up in a ball.
On the other hand, this weekend could be cool. If I can get my mom to take me, I'd love to go to the park, bring a lawn chair and some iced coffee and read. It would make me feel better.
Here's my new simile: Braille is like chocolate cake, I can't get enough of it and it ends up on my fingers!

Hope everyone's day is great!!


Nickster the well-trained idiot!

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