Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

A yummy Monday morning

I'm waking up to the smell of baking blueberry muffins and it's lovely! In the dorms, all we get to smell are the following. Sorry, I don't do html on the BrailleNote, one of my quirks.

[Edit]: I had to come in here and fix some obnoxious typos, so I decided to use html after all.

Stuff I smelled in the dorms:

  • Popcorn; every night at 9 PM sharp.

  • Burning stuff.

  • Raman noodles

  • Cooking noodles for macaroni and cheese.

  • Someone's perfume they felt necessary to spray in the halls.

  • My vanilla air freshener

  • My messed up attempts at mixing essential oils.

  • My heated neck wrap (that's a heavenly smell!)

  • The occasional successful bath with oils or bubble bath.

  • My lavender chocolate soap.

  • Carry-out or delivery food (sandwiches or pizza)

  • Stuff brought back from the cafeteria.

  • Julio's dog food.

  • The one nasty fridge thing where there was mold we didn't fine in time (before we unplugged the fridge for spring break).

As you can see, baked goods are not on the list. I did know of one student who baked cookies, but she had to do that downstairs because of something (can't remember what though). Even in the caf, we never smelled baked goods. The closest I got was the smell of the waffle bar which could smell sweet. So yes, I love the smell of baking stuff, always have. But I'll love eating them even more!


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