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A relatively restful Sunday

Last night was not a pretty time for me... There was much disparaging talk about my body, especially my digestive system. That's over now, and I'm a happier person today. I got up and went to church, which was very good. I enjoyed the message and was somewhat encouraged by it. Then I came back here. For once, today, I've been able to eat three meals with success, although they were pretty small meals. This makes me very happy. If I can continue this stuff, things will be very good.

Progress is so slow! Is it two steps forward, three back? Some days, it honestly feels like it. I'm trying to be faithful in taking care of myself and keeping the pain under control. I don't understand why I struggle with this so much, but I do... It does help to write about my frustrations though.

I do have some possible ideas for writing, so hopefully I'll be able to start working on those pieces. Right now, I think I'm getting more practice in biting my lip. Sitting up with my foot down for any length of time is very painful, so I actually gave myself a bit of a fat lip during church until the pain killers kicked in. I wish I could find more resources related to this surgery so I'd know if I'm doing something wrong and should be recovering faster. GAW, I hate not having a reference point.

I've been adding some stuff to
my delicious page.

In church, one of the members uses a wheelchair and asked if I wanted to race. I told her I'd only do it if she was blindfolded. Anyone think she'll take me up on it?



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