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Sleepy on Saturday

It's going to get pretty warm and it's already pretty humid, and all I want to do is sleep. Even though this isn't nearly as warm as it is where some friends are, I don't care much for the heat. Luckily, today I'm feeling better. I still have a sore throat, but it's manageable, and thankfully, the nausea is behaving itself for the most part (thanks to the meds.) I'm resting now, after having gone to Kodiak for breakfast. I didn't think I'd like a raspberry white chocolate scone, but I did, and it hasn't made me sick, so this is a very good sign.

I'm just in a sleepy lazy mood today. I'm doing some reading and trying to plan out some kind of writing project, but it's hard. I need to be in a good place that stimulates my creativity and our livingroom never seems to do that for me. Maybe I could get mom to take me to Kodiak some time during the week and I could work there. I used to do that while she exercised, but since I can't drive the wheelchair on my own, I'd have no way of taking care of my needs (bathroom or another drink, for example). So I can't really do that for the foreseeable future. I do want to work on some more in-depth writing for Nickie's Nook, but it just isn'tt happening yet. Be patient, dear readers, and it will come. I'm eager to get some better writing up here.



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