Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Stuff I wrote when I could legally do so

7:59 AM:
We're supposed to continue suing each other today, but no one who needs to do their court thing is here. We did it yesterday, and my side won! Oh yeah! I think we're going to watch a movie for fun. I'm sorry, I have better things to do with my time!!
For some reason, my user picture doesn't work. I wonder why? That makes, me mad. I'll be getting back to people that commented last night I think soon. For those of you who I promised files to, my mom should be emailing me the zip copy today, so you should get it soon.
I need to call Guide Dogs for the Blind, because we can't think of a 12 to 14 block route with traffic light that makes sense in flaketown. If anyone from flaketown can, please share. I'm thinking I'll call them today after school and the test I need to have read and ask what they would advise. If I could do it in St. Paul, I would, I'd use that route I did for my night eval.
I'm reading some Chicken Soup books, which I'm hoping will help me get out of this exhausted rut I've found myself in lately.
I'm hoping that tomorrow will be warmer or something. The cold is making my foot feel worse. More later when I finish not paying attention to the stupid movie that's not going to apply to anything we studied.
8:47 AM: I'm thinking about trying to find some other pain management techneques. I just want this to be over so I can get on with my life. Maybe they'll be able to fix me next Friday. I want to go, because maybe they'll find something they can do, but I'm afraid it will be bad like last time. It's so bad! But I'll have to live with whatever happens, and I'm sure with God's help I can.
Interesting quote from whatever movie I'm watching right now: "I wept when I saw a man who had no shoes... Until I met a man who had no penis." That was weird! It's about this like home shopping network with this guy that thinks he's a preacher.
On a totally different topic, I need to learn something new, accomplish something I don't think I can do, but I don't know what. I need to know that I've done something productive. The issue I think is that school isn't stimulating me the way I need it to. I need to be out doing things, accomplishing routes with my cane, cooking a meal, doing my physical therapy. Something! I'll do it somehow. Maybe I'm just tired and I need to do something on Friday. Maybe that will help. I just know I need to do something good. Well, Economics is starting.
9:49 AM: Got a 70 out of 75 on my quarter one economics final. Yes!! Maybe Ill get a good grade. I'm tired! I don't want anymore tests! But I have one for Russian civilization. Ugh!!
10:50 AM: I forgot my phone cord! I always need it to research stocks. But oh well. What is it I used to say at sports camp when my foot hurt so bad I wanted to scream (like always, but worse.) "Life sucks get over it!" I guess that sounds bad, but whatever. It works. It's how I try to keep strong.
12:38 PM: I've written a letter to the person who has been contacting me about my Guide Dog application. I asked her about the issue of a route, and what to do since I don't have an eye doctor. No, I did not put it that way, I was very proper. But you get the picture.
I'm gonna say bye and put this into an email to post.


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