Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Why organizing my RSS feeds was a bad idea

Okay, it's my turn to geek out again, so if you're still wondering why I won't shut up about RSS, you can tab to the next user on your friends page or whatever you're using to read this. But one of my goals for the summer was to write more things that arent in the format of

My stomach still won't behave. I want coffee. The walker is a pain. Why'd I do this surgery in the first place?

So I've turned my wranting powers to another subject, the curse of organizing your RSS feeds.

First, I'm not an organized person. Anyone who's ever spent much time with me knows this. Dad claims (with more validity than I care to admit), that my room would be much more organized if I took a bomb to it. I joke that half the reason I needed a guide dog was so that I could call it and not have to look for my cane anymore. So it shouldn't have been surprising that when I published my blogroll around Christmas, it was just a long list of links because that's how I had it organized in

Eventually, though, I started seeing others with cool looking blogrolls with nicely organized headings and I got jealous. So, one Saturday when I was procrastinating, I organized my multitude of feeds into folders. I have to admit that it's nice to be able to find all my faith related feeds, or RSD related feeds or even blindness related feeds.

But, and this is a huge but, I don't know how to organize stuff. Where do I draw the line between "general health" and "personal blogs,: friends and others"? Where do I classify a blog that's about guide dogs, but other things too? Will someone get mad at me for putting them in the "Stuff I don't know how to categorize" folder? Worse, will I start to overuse this folder? What do I do with a feed like
where the posts are about everything from "Food and Drink" to "Mommy and Family">? It's all so confusing!

This is why organization is such a pain! So, dear readers of mine, do you ever have this issue? Maybe with RSS, maybe with files on your computer or with actual hardcopy folders. Tell me about your woes...

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