Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Because I need a distraction

I'm starting to get the butterflies in the stomach. At this point, I've experienced much more fearful things. There are things, like college was the day before I left for it, that make you want time to slow down. There are also things that you wish would just happen already. This has become one of them. There have been so many times I thought I was having surgery, but we didn't quite get this close. Now, I just want to have it over with. So, in an effort to distract myself, I thought I'd start what will probably be a series of entries about this year, personal growth, the liberal arts system and just over all impressions of college. I want to just reflect and try to cement several ideas bouncing around in my head.

One of the interesting things about this semester (yeah, I'm working backward), was that a lot of the subjects overlapped. I had developmental psychology, theology that went throughout lifestages, sociology and The Art of Listening. The first three classes really went nicely with each other. Theology often gave me the basic psychological framework. I often found myself answering a test question in one class based on material in a lecture from the other class. Theology had some interesting life implications wwhich I hope to write about later.

I think the ability to make connections between subjects can be one of the most exciting things that happen when you're learning. I also feel like my ability to make those connections will be helpful to me in social work. I can understand frustrations of learning things that you think you'll never use, but at least for me, the classes have been interesting and beneficial. I think life is boring when I'm not learning or dialoguing or trying to find things out. It's exciting to find things that enrich not just a GPA but life.

Next time I write about class, I want to cover theology and some of the more helpful things I learned in that class.


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