Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


No, we're not drinking alcohol. We're drinking coffee and it's excellent. If finished my sociology, I know I did my best, but I don't think my best is good enough in this case. We shall see. If I get a B, I'll be upset, but I'LL live. We're having fun conversations, and I thought I'd share:
Me: So I was writing about how I'm going to be off my foot for six weeks, and I reversed the i.
Jen: So you wrote (I'm not writing it here, but the reverse is an e, so figure it out)
Me: (blushes) Yep (hides behind hands.)
Jen,: You blush every time I say that, I love it!
Me: Guess how much fun it was to watch the birth control movie. I told the person next to me to let me know if my cheeks got too bright.

Later, coming back to our table:
Jen: Orangina reminds me of France because that's where I first had it.
Me: Really? It reminds me of France because it's one of the first things our French teacher taught us to order. Quotes self: Je voudrais un Orangina s'il vous plait. Then I translate: I want an "Orange Gina" darn it!

Also, I'm thinking of dying my hair, what color should I do it?


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