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My life as I know it and other musings

That sounds like a terrible subject line!! So what? What does it matter?
I lived. Did pretty cool on my econ quiz I forgot about. I'm working hard on stuff for journalism. Very tired though. On Sunday I ended up going to Wendy's for a burger So I was and am still tired because I haven't gotten to bed early enough since a long time ago.
What else about Monday? GDB has my doctor references.
I had meatloaf yesterday, it was good!

We had an awesome prayertime at church last night. If anyone feels like a good book, read James in the Bible. I've got a lot to work on!
Today made me get ticked at all sightlings!! If one more person decides I don't know how to get where I'm going, I'm going to scream.
Asking me if I need help is one thing, and then backing off if I say no thanks is awesome! But saying "I'll help you!" Isn't asking, and it makes me feel so worthless! It's like no one thinks I'm smart enough to figure it out on my own. It's like they don't think I've got the brains to know where I'm going and how to get there. I've worked hard to be good at orientation, and know my way around the school. I can't explain why I feel so violated and angry, but I do.
I guess if I try, people can just take what I say at face value: I don't speak for anyone but myself. I do not speak for any other blind people, and I don't speak for myself in the past or the future. Got it? Good. We'll proceed:
I think it's like if someone is underestimating me, and taking over tasks I'm perfectly capable of doing. It'd be like for a sighted person, having someone just show up and say "I'm going to start dressing you because I want to help, and you look like you need it." I know how to use my skills. I know where I'm going, and it's none of anyone else's business! So asking where I'm going isn't nice either.
And don't grab me by the arm. I have no control of where I'm going then.
I've also been treated like I can't hear one too many times. I've actually had someone remind me to "bring that technology with you for the test tomorrow." Um... I've brought my BrailleNote to school evry day this quarter, why would I forget it now? And then they remind me to study for it. And this was a teacher!! Not an idiot boy who thinks he's cool! (Note to men: If I'm talking to you, the last comment doesn't apply. Just to immature high school children to whom this rant I would love to give.) I'm somewhat more able to handle stupid stuff from a student, but a teacher should be better!
I have no illusions that having a guide dog will make it better. In fact, I bet it'll be worse, but the benefits to me travel wise... Will be awesome!
Other than that, I should go. If anyone wants to share stories about guide dogs, or Guide dogs for the Blind in particular, and the home interview, I'd be much abliged! And what's a teburkulosis test like?
Happy trails!



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