Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

The stupidest product label ever!

Please, someone tell me why we need this information on product labels, because I don't get it. The only thing worse would be braille labels on the cup to tell me that it's hot. My thoughts are in italics (if I actually remember the html code for it):

Shake before opening.
OOPS! It didn't get shook unless you count running into the drinking fountain (which I didn't know was there until today) and the wall (which I should hae known was there but was laughing too hard to remember).

Stir thoroughly for even soup temperature.

Caution: Metal edges are sharp.
Wow! Really?

Cup and soup are hot after heating.
And all this time I was wondering why I sometimes burn myself taking soup out of the microwave.

Note: If you like warmer soup, heat for 15 more seconds.

OOH! Campbells is ready to teach home ec. now!

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