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Doctor report

Unless the doctor who diagnosed my RSD tells us differently, I will be having surgery to stabilize my foot. The MRI didn't change at all in several months, so the underlying problem won't get better on its own. Here's what I know. They're going to move my heel bone back, but not cut to reshape it as was originally thought. The fusing of the bone will happen I think too. It's a general anesthesia procedure which I'm not so happy about. When I wake up, my foot will be numb for several hours (so that means I'll have some sort of nerve block). I'll be in the hospital for a day so that pain can be controlled and I can learn how to use crutches the next day instead of trying to use them while still recovering from surgery. Apparently, pain control is a legitimate reason on its own to keep me there.

I had one last x-ray and of course the physical exam. RSD=vocal. Thank you all for praying. I'll know the date for sure, probably next Thursday or two weeks from then.

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